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Halcyon Hoagland, MBA

Serving Central & Coastal Florida- REALTOR®

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FL #SL3364045

Sales Manager & Listing Specialist


Halcyon, a Florida resident since 2004, currently serves the Central Florida area, with a deep understanding of the Miami, Broward, and Tampa markets. She is rooted in community, committed to connection, and consistent in communication. She notes, "as your expert advisor, my goal is to arm you with quality data to inform the most sophisticated and savviest buying, selling and investing decisions possible." Halcyon was recruited by Zillow in 2019 to launch the Florida market ibuyer program, Zillow Offers. She quickly rose to the top in executed contracts and customer satisfaction, finishing 3rd in contracts in the last quarter of 2021. She is a persistent, passionate, and empathetic problem solver, implementing technology for an efficient, painless transaction. She combines an established background in management and sales with local market expertise to serve her clients throughout Florida and beyond. She caters to the unique needs of her clients, from in-home gyms and Pilates studios, to finding the perfect proximity for growing or downsizing families. She has been a member of the Miami Board of Realtors® since 2016, and believes in the opportunity of owning real estate, presenting first-time home buyer workshops to ensure equal access and accurate information to all embarking on a real estate journey

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