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Here you can find the latest residential market trends for Northwest Indiana. Understanding the months of inventory, list-to-sold price percentage, median days on the market, and median sold price is essential to becoming an educated buyer or seller. You can compare the data to the value of your own home and use it to price it accordingly. It is also a helpful reference point when searching for potential new homes to compare with other homes in the same area. 

Data Found On Realtors Property Resource®, LLC

Lake County

March Market Trends

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Over the past 12 months, there has been a significant increase in the months of inventory by 39.34%. This indicates a shift towards a more balanced market where supply is catching up with demand. Homes are selling relatively quickly with a median of 28 days on the market. This suggests that buyers are eager to secure properties in this competitive market. Sellers are able to negotiate prices close to their listing price, with the list-to-sold price percentage at 97.8%. This shows that homes are priced accurately and buyers are willing to pay close to the asking price.

The median sold price for homes in this market is $237,500, indicating a strong market with a steady appreciation in property values.

Porter County

March Market Trends

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First, let's look at the month's Supply of Inventory, which is currently 2.65.  A lower number suggests a seller's market, while a higher number indicates a buyer's market. The Median Days homes are on the Market is 31, indicating that homes are selling relatively quickly in this market. This suggests a high demand for properties and a competitive market for buyers. The list-to-sold price Percentage is 98.6%, which shows that on average, homes are selling very close to their listing price. This is good news for sellers as it suggests that they are pricing their homes accurately and buyers are willing to pay close to the asking price. Lastly, the Median Sold Price is $339,000, which gives buyers and sellers an idea of the average price of homes in the market. This information can be used as a benchmark for pricing properties or making offers.

St. Joseph County

The real estate market is currently experiencing a low inventory level, with only 1.4 months supply available. This means that if no new homes were added to the market, it would take just over a month to sell all existing inventory. Homes are spending an average of 25 days on the market before being sold, which is relatively quick and shows strong demand in the market. Sellers are also seeing good returns on their properties, with homes selling for an average of 97.3% of their list price.  The median sold price for homes in this market is $175,500, which is a key indicator of the overall health and stability of the market. Buyers can expect to find affordable options, while sellers can still achieve a good return on their investment. 

March Market Trends

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Past Market Trends

Want to see how the current residential market trends compare to previous months?

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